Who is Mr L ?

Laurent Zahnd is a Ha’ole with a Heart and some Balls.


Passionate about bringing up awareness and finding solutions that benefit everyone involved; the poor and the greedy, the oppressed Hawaiians and the optimist Americans, and everyone in the middle. 


Only so can we truly unite to restore our accountability & pride.

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Proud Dad of 4
Problem Solver
Web & Tech Consultant
Marketing Coach
Management Specialist
Google Apps for Work Admin
Homeland Security Certified
Volunteer Firefighter
Public Transportation Specialist
Train Traffic Operator
Police Officer
Travel Agent
Startup Entrepreneur
Art Designer
Event Producer
Drug Prevention Activist
World Traveler
Organic & Non-GMO Consumer
Emotional Community Facilitator
Hawaiian Kingdom Dreamer
Neutral Observer
Nature Lover
Human Design Passionate
Spiritual Seeker
Foreign Culture Admirer
BS Whistleblower
Uncorrupted Politician


I am not perfect, but I’ll be more productive and accountable than other candidates. And you will not believe all the good opportunities that little change will bring into your daily life.


I am Mr L and I’m running for Mayor to serve you and restore what’s right. Start chatting with me personally using the FB chat button at the bottom right of this page.

Mahalo for visiting my website.

  • Management
  • Tourism
  • Social Services
  • Law
  • Finance
  • Public Works
  • Transportation
  • HR Management
  • Arts & Culture
  • International Relations
  • Hawaiian History
  • Environment & Farming
  • Emergency Management

I’m an American born and raised in Switzerland, I speak 3 languages, and English is my second.

My humble understanding of the local culture acquired during the last 7 years on Maui, mixed with my global experience, are setting me apart from other Mayoral candidates. It enables me to have a neutral perspective between U.S. occupier, Native Kanaka, and the International markets; offering viable solutions to address the illegal occupation, and cleverly transforming it into an opportunity for everyone involved.

People usually judge me for not being from here, that’s why I did shut my mouth for 7 years. When they judge me, people don’t usually know that Switzerland is very small, almost the size of Hawai’i. It’s a neutral country just like Hawai’i was before being occupied, and it thrived on its neutrality, being right in the middle of Europe, but never involved in the World Wars raging all around, and still not part of the European Union, cleverly avoiding the financial crisis.

I feel you when you are suspicious of people who are not from here, because I grew up with the same protective values in a small country having to resist the big ones.

The vision I’m sharing would give Hawai’i more autonomy and control over immigration law. Instead of being the last State in the US, we could be competing with the US at the very top of Global Markets like Switzerland does. The State there actually makes profit (better than our trillion debt gift to our kids), offers the best college education almost free, pays 3 to 5 (!!!) times higher wages than neighbor countries, doesn’t allow landfills, nor GMO growing outdoors (despite having all the big research there!) and has the lowest crime and corruption.

Hawai’i is perfectly located to serve business between US and Asia. No doubt that as a neutral Nation, we’ll get insane money flowing from International trade with the US, Asian countries, and other countries like Switzerland, UK, France, and others, always interested to find good global allies.

It is more profitable & ethical for our Community to make alliances with foreign countries than deals with corporations, which are usually only raping the land and sucking all the profits out of our small economy, leaving us only the pollution and the problems. We should be making deals regarding tourism promotion, export of Hawaiian made goods, and cultural exchanges to spread the ancient Hawaiian culture internationally.

I don’t want to praise Switzerland too much, but they got it together with all of that, simply due to a different design of the political system and the broader market neutrality brings to trade. I used to see the law as something blocking progress, but now I’m amazed at how we can shape our lives and destiny with it. And it’s easy for us to change it if every single one involved can profit from that change.

With the Neutrality of the Hawaiian Kingdom, which is still recognized as a sovereign Nation today, and the State of Hawai’i being recognized as a fraudulent annexation regarding the International law; I believe it is legally and technically possible to support the Hawaiian Kingdom into creating similar policies, bringing neutrality and financial abundance to Hawai’i.

It will require a strong leader, not tied to any particular influence group, having the freedom to listen to everyone and craft win-win solutions. A very rare person not interested in her own political career, but only in bringing results.

I believe I am the only Ha’ole really willing to take responsibility for the wrongdoings of the past and restore our accountability. That is why I am getting in the arena; to work for that vision and truly serve our Community, not my personal interests.

My career started young, with a federal job away from home at the age of 15

After studying Economics from the age of 13 in the highest grade of education, I started a Federal Apprenticeship for the Swiss Federal Railways at the age of 15.

I worked in the biggest traffic control centers, and I’m at ease with managing very complicated and stressful situations, involving the responsibility for thousands of peoples lives.

I will help Maui implement a really efficient, fast, safe and classy public transit system, with actionable strategies to take tourists’ rental cars off the road and provide fast and reliable door-to-door service in our neighborhoods.

Instead of building costly bypass infrastructure that will only ruin the land and create more development (actually aggravating the issue), we need to maximize our existing resources and design a real transit system that fulfills the needs of our population and our visitors, with providing connections every 3o minutes and guaranteeing travel times similar to car travel. We need to make the bus a classy and safe environment, with great customer service and information systems, and Hawaiian art & culture at bus stops, on vehicle wraps and inside buses.

A couple of months ago, as a gift to the Community, I created a proposal redesigning new bus routes, schedules, and ways to generate extra income from advertisement displays. I already met with the Department of Transportation and Council members, interested by the innovative approach I bring to the table.

Sworn in as a Police Officer at the age of 18

After getting my Federal Certificate in Public Transportation, I was sworn in Police Officer of the Public Transit Police. 

I was very diligent and got promoted to managing the regulations for one of the biggest transit hub in Switzerland.

I like the law to be respected and as a Mayor, I can bring the gift of authority and unwillingness to let myself be corrupted. It will shake up the establishment a bit but my intention isn’t to punish but to realign our Government with ethics so we can be proud and restore trust.

I will help Government employees learn about better ways to fulfill their need for power, create more ethical income and create a sense of real pride in serving our Community.

I expect tremendous resistance to change and that doesn’t scare me. I will succeed and we will have fun in the process.

Acquired Customer Service Excellence as a Travel Agent

I worked as a Travel Agent, and ranked #1 salesperson in one the biggest Transit Hub.

My experience of Global Tourism helps me to understand the value of tourism destinations and how they differentiate themselves from each other on the Global markets. The brand ‘Maui’ is one of the most valued in the World, but today it isn’t marketed as such.

Our destination branding fell into the trap of discount tourism, leveling down the quality of experiences we are providing here today. Discount tourism is a cancer to our Islands and is my first enemy, as it is bringing more and more tourists paying less and less every year; leaving us pollution, traffic issues, creating low wages and low quality activities and experiences, therefore negatively impacting the recurring value we can get out of our visitors.

I will work in partnership with our visitor’s bureau, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, our hotels and activities, as well as the local & native population, to bring back the best of what Maui Nui truly is, and craft a marketing strategy and International partnerships to promote our Islands as a truly unique destination on global markets.

During 6 years of study & practice, I also acquired the best sales tactics and conflict resolution skills, which enables me to listen to people concerns and craft win-win solutions in every possible situation.

Working as the CEO of our County, I will implement higher standards in customer service, so that we feel welcomed and treated well when interacting with the different County departments. It is important to remind County workers that citizens and visitors are the ones paying their salaries and deserve to be treated well.

Worked as a grassroots leader for Drug Prevention

After 6 years in the Corporate World, I went into the non-profit sector to work with different Federal platforms in the making of some of the World’s most cutting-edge drug prevention & harm reduction policies. 

I learned about the power of peer-prevention and research studies, understanding the best ways to support young people in making the best decisions for their health and support each other.

That is giving me true assets to deal with the most devastating effects of drug use in Hawai’i, and implementing effective prevention programs for our youth in replacement of the catastrophic D.A.R.E. program offered today, proved to have counter-productive effect.

Diploma in Management from the Swiss Marketing Institute

I am always eager to learn and gain expertise in as many industries as possible, that is one of the reasons I can be an excellent leader for Maui and differentiate myself from the other candidates.

I did study Management at the Swiss Institute for Marketing and Communication, with a specialization in Management of Cultural & Social Organizations.

I know how to create value and bring people together to volunteer on Community projects, and I acquired the best skills for managing and improving productivity in businesses, non-profits, and Government Institutions.

I am a professional Event producer and did lead the organization of more than 40 events, festivals, and symposiums in Switzerland, France, and the Netherlands.

I am a lover of the arts and culture, and as a Mayor I will make sure that more effort is done towards promoting the different cultures composing our Community, and offering more events to engage our kids & teens. 

Serving VIP's in the Luxury Event Business

I was honored to work for the VIP department of the Verbier Festival, one of the best classical music festival in the World, nested up in the Swiss Alps.

This experience taught me a lot about how to treat VIP guests and create added value through brand partnerships and loyalty programs.

Maui already has a lot of VIP’s and will have much more once we become an important center for political and business negotiation between the US and Asia.

At this point, it will be crucial to have protocols ensuring a truly unique experience for welcoming our important guests and instill the values of the Ancient Hawaiian Culture, so that the image of Maui would be positioned as the leading destination for transformative life experiences.

Served my Community as a Volunteer Firefighter for 4 years

Adding to my background in Emergency Management, I decided to join the local Firefighters.

I acquired the necessary self-control and sharpened my bravery to be ready for intervention in dangerous situations. During my training, I acquired skills including firefighting, search & rescue, rappel, car extrication and operation & maintenance of a wide range of rescue equipment.

In 2012, I represented the Swiss Firefighters during an event on the US Mainland, and acquired the Department of Homeland Security FEMA Certification of Incident Command System.

That is making me the most equipped Candidate to efficiently run Maui County in case of any Emergency putting our local population at risk.

Moved to Maui from the exact opposite side of the Globe

Those who moved to a different country understand me. It is very hard and challenging to leave and start anew. I don’t regret it and I don’t miss Switzerland much, it’s cold and even though there are a lot of well-organized things, people are pretty uptight and not laidback at all.

That’s what I like so much here, people are friendly, open-minded, and living a good life!

The only issues are created by this political system and perpetrated by its actors. It seems like our politicians aren’t even conscious of it, they just follow how things have been working and they focus on their own career instead of stepping up to be real public servants.

Created my own business to support local business owners with marketing

It is really hard to get a good job on Maui, so I ended up creating my own. I started 3 deep breaths LLC back in 2015 and supported countless local businesses and non-profits with marketing consulting & services.

You can check some of my reviews on Facebook and connect with me on Linked In if you’re interested to learn more.

During the last 3 years I offered marketing and management consulting & services to local projects such as: Farmers Food Hub, Restorative Solutions for the Justice system, Veganic Farm, Shaka Movement, Circle of Men, Organic Farmland Initiative, Permaculture Course, Wedding Coordination, Private Chefs, Construction Contractors, Maui County Department of Transportation, Touch & Relationship workshops, Water Tanks, Solar PV & Batteries, Loyalty Systems for Retail, Skin Care Products, Personal Growth Coaching, Bed & Breakfast, Art & Event Organization, Teaching for MEO Business Course, and participated in Maui WordPress Camp, Startup Weekend Maui & Maui Economic Development Board Workshops.

Messed up for the first time and paid hard consequences

I am finally starting to recover after my life got totally destroyed. In 2016, I was struggling to single parent my 3 kids and work my business. It was a tough time, and I can relate with a lot of single parents out there.

Back then, I made the mistake of correcting my teenage sons, leaving a mark on the eldest cheek.

There is no excuse for that abuse but there is a context: My sons stole from the neighbor and lied to me for a month pretending they didn’t, making me defend them against the whole neighborhood, up in Kanaio.

After a month, I finally found out the truth and didn’t manage my anger properly at that moment. Although a lot of people are still telling me I did the right thing by correcting my sons, I am sure it could have been managed better differently.

That first incident (ever) resulted in having a criminal record with misdemeanor for domestic violence, and that will apparently stay there for the rest of my life.

From that experience, I learned that there is not much assistance provided in our Community. Personally, I had zero encounters with anyone willing to help nor trying to make this situation better, and same for my son, the real victim. The CPS took him away for a month, until he couldn’t stand it and tried to set his foster home on fire, then they gave him back. There was no follow-up whatsoever, and during all this time they didn’t even try to contact my son’s Mom to notify her!

I also found out about the situation in custody. As I refused to bail out and chose to endure my sentence, I served 4 days instead of the 2 I was sentenced. Not only it is freezing cold in there, and we are served dog food with no vegetable, we aren’t even allowed to brush our teeth for 4 days, nor see the sunlight.

White guys don’t stay more than 10 minutes before getting bailed out, while piling up 15 locals and natives in a single cell with one toilet in the middle. Some getting very upset pretending they got locked up for no reason, or just got out of 6 months in jail and arrested the next day because of an old warrant not removed.

Those additional bad treatments aren’t justified and are only creating more anger and tension in our community, mostly doing some weird revenge on people who are already in a cage, or simply just the poorest, not being able to pay even a little bail. You can think that they deserve it, but sorry my friend; justice that’s given depending on your income isn’t real justice, it is very disgusting oppression created by the privileged.

I think the practice of caging people didn’t prove to solve any of our criminal issues over the years and is totally outdated today. There are numerous examples of restorative justice where change really happens in people as they are held accountable while helping them solve the cause of their behavior. And with those systems, the emotional charge of the conflict can be dissolved, and victims really get the satisfaction of true emotional reparation, which is key in trauma recovery.

It also costs way less taxpayer money as criminals are put back to work earlier and tend to not come back into the criminal system, drastically reducing lifetime costs per criminal. Our problem here today is that our system is trying to keep people in, simply because we are making a business out of jailing people, and the corporate players are sponsoring our politicians so that we would build more jails and lock-up more people.

This is creating more tension and danger in our Community, to the point where we can’t even feel safe walking on the street. This situation has to be addressed and you can count on me to initiate the process.

My wrongdoings clearly demonstrate that I am not perfect and I can guarantee that I will still make mistakes every now and then, as long as I’ll be human. It is important that I be held accountable for what I say and do, and I count on you to call me up if I don’t keep my word.

Created a startup and went on a Global mission for market research and Venture Capital

From 2008 to 2011, before moving to Hawaii, I was producing a symposium for electronic artists. With the support of my hometown and different sponsors, I was able to bring hundreds of International artists together to create, learn and experiment in different disciplines.

Following that I wanted to create a house for artists with multidisciplinary art studios, to host international residencies.

In 2017, I pushed that project in different business & cultural incubators and after embarking on a global market research quest, the project was reshaped as a startup hotel for digital creatives, starting with the City of Barcelona.

The project was selected to participate in Switzerland Global Enterprise at the famous EPFL polytechnic school, and was then accepted in the ‘Red des Industrias Creativas’ in Madrid, the biggest Incubator for Creative enterprises from Spain and Latin America. In 2018, it was also selected by the City of Barcelona to join the ‘FuTurisme’ program for futuristic tourism ventures.

After 3 months spent in Europe in 2017 to research the Tourism, Hotel & Cultural industries and create partnerships, I had to get back to Hawaii and couldn’t attend this program.

Even though this Startup Venture is yet to be funded and launched, it taught me numerous things that can highly benefit my management of our County as a Mayor.

Creating projects needs to start with market research and proof of concept before investing any money nor create any detailed plans.

The focus of any project has to come from the user standpoint and understand what are the most underserved needs, so that we can first focus on creating the features that deliver the most value, and save countless resources in the process.

Minimum Viable Products (MVP) have to be crafted with available resources at minimal costs, and launched as soon as possible to test the viability of ideas and customer feedback in real life, before investing anything in the project nor going into detailed planning.

Such a process will create a pull from the market instead of having to push products or services that don’t match the real needs of customers.

Implementing these methodologies in my Mayoral work will save hundreds of millions of wasted taxpayer money on the long run, and reshape County services to match the needs of the people and businesses we are supposed to serve.

Started this Political Career on June 3rd, 2018

God, Akua, or the Great Architect (you name it) appeared to me when I was doing my prayer on June 3rd, 48 hours only before the ballot registration deadline. He demanded that I speak up about my vision, even though as an introvert, I felt paranoid about being publicly exposed.

God tortured me with the idea of waiting 4 more years and made it feel intolerable. God said to me that only a Ha’ole can repair the hurt created by Ha’oles, and that no one seemed ready to take up the challenge to restore what is right, except me.

At first, I was scared of jumping in this political arena, with the lions, the gladiators, and the people just enjoying the deadly show and waiting for me to crash and burn. Even some of my closest friends tried to take me down so I wouldn’t do it. No wonder so few people get involved in politics!

Following that I started stepping up, talking at Mayoral Debates around the Island and being interviewed by TV and newspaper. I always made a strong impression by addressing our illegal occupation of Hawai’i and the destruction it silently creates. I am far from only criticizing and I’m offering actionable and affordable solutions to our most pressing issues like housing, tourism, County efficiency and accountability.

Recently, I started calling up some other candidates, like Elle Cochran for branding herself “the consistent voice of the people” and accepting donations from developers in the background. And also Mike Victorino, for displaying his pride in being sponsored by all the corporate players, and publicly told him that “in many Countries, it would be called corruption.”

I have a heart and some balls!

I am taking all the risks, only for you my friend, so you can get real benefits and improve the quality of your everyday life, with cheaper rent too. I will also help you restore your integrity as an American occupier, without much shame & discomfort, so that you can be coherent again when teaching your kids what’s good and bad.

I am guaranteeing to bring more happiness, abundance and opportunities in your Life than any other Mayoral Candidates ever will.

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