We need heroes! Citizens with skills and no corporate ties, willing to step up and call up the BS of this political system. Are you going to step up and join me?

We need heroes to bring more financial abundance for every single one of us, remove the worries & the stress, and make things right so our Government can truly be accountable and lead our Community by example.

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Solving Big Issues the Smart Way

Most of the issues we suffer from every single day can be easily solved. Only our politicians try to confuse us by making it look complicated & unachievable.

Maximizing Maui's Forgotten Assets

Our best assets are the wisdom of the Ancient Hawaiian Culture, and the perfect geopolitical location & neutrality of the Kingdom we're occupying.

Correcting the Patterns of Wrong-doing

We want to live happily and get rid of the hurt and shame of this illegal occupation. I offer a road-map to restore accountability and increase our income.

Government Accountability


We are illegally occupying this Country

After gaining recognition in International Courts, the Hawaiian Kingdom is now suing the U.S. and will soon get the stolen land back with the support of the International Community. It is foolish to keep ignoring this until we get kicked out and lose everything we invested here. This is our last chance to ask forgiveness and repair the wrongdoings, so we can have a chance to stay here. The Hawaiian Kingdom has the potential to bring financial abundance for all of us, and we don’t even need to secede from the US because we were never legally a part of it regarding International Law. Check this link for more info.

Our Politicians have no respect for the Law

No wonder 75% of registered voters lost faith in politics. Our politicians are pursuing their own agenda and are only pretending to be public servants. They know about all the Laws being violated and they don’t take action to enforce them. I’m angry especially with the sneaky candidate Elle Cochran pretending to run for the people and accepting money from developers in the background, avoiding citizens questions and censoring them, having hidden agendas to weaken our democratic power, and misusing taxpayer money for paying back her sponsors.

“The Hawaiian Islands are a nation-state that is under a strange form of occupation by the United States, resulting from an illegal military occupation and a fraudulent annexation.”

(Independant expert – UN Human Rights)


The Plan for restoring Government Accountability

Give Kanakas a voice to inform every citizen & visitor about the real history and culture of the Hawaiian Islands.


Lobby the Federal Government and the International Community to prepare for the inevitable return to Kingdom Law.


Implement transparency and accountability in our Government, with the help of new technologies.


Affordable Housing


There is enough housing for everyone

We only have the wrong people in Government to manage this situation, because those guys and their campaign sponsors financially benefit from more crisis! Even Elle Cochran has no willingness to solve the issue, except using our taxes to build some cheap quality ghettos; paying back the developers who sponsored her campaign.

We simply need to enforce the existing Laws

We have to stop illegal vacation rentals from spreading all over our Islands. I will simply enforce the Law with vigor, and hundreds of illegal vacation rentals will pop back on the long-term market right away, if not thousands(!), breaking demand and taking prices down. Sorry greedy landlords, it’s pretty easy to get permitted! The ones playing by the rules will benefit from the limitation of vacation rentals, naturally pushing up profits-per-unit.
The Plan to make Affordable Housing available

Pull data out of AirBnB to identify illegal vacation rentals, and offer rewards for information related to illegal rentals.


Enforce illegal vacation rentals with such vigor that landlords won't be able to sleep until they respect the law.


Support Kupunas and people in need impacted by HUD program cuts. Implement efficient programs to put people back to work and out of assistance asap.


Tourism Strategy


We have to get rid of discount tourism

It is like cancer; with more and more tourists paying less and less every year; creating traffic issues, overcrowding, low wages, low-quality activities and experiences. To set us apart from the competition, it has to be coupled with an effort to re-brand the image of Maui around a high added value Cultural Experience. We must give this part to the Hawaiians to educate the tourists about their culture, the real history, and immerse visitors in the ancient wisdom through powerful experiences around the Islands.

Increasing customer lifetime value

Nowadays in the Tourism Industry, the trend is around designing powerful experiences that will create a long-term emotional relationship with the tourists; generating additional revenue (pyramidal referrals & recurring trips) without creating an excess of marketing costs. Giving the Kanakas the core of the Tourism strategy is not only fair and preparing the inevitable transition back to the Hawaiian Kingdom, it is also our best bet to differentiate our destination on the International markets and add value, benefiting everyone involved; raising wages and creating respectful tourists.
The Plan for  an added value Tourism Strategy

Give Kanakas a voice to inform every citizen & visitor about the real history and culture of the Hawaiian Islands.


Include Kanakas, the Maui Visitors Bureau, and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs to create powerful emotional experiences for our visitors.


Initiate Global partnerships in order to promote our destination more efficiently to high-value customers in select markets.


Government Efficiency


County administration isn't friendly nor efficient

County employees don’t act like they are serving the citizen paying their salaries. The department directors aren’t hired for their qualifications and aren’t interested in improving things. None of the other Mayoral Candidates have the management education to improve processes, and none of them are planning to implement technology in order to bring our County in the 21st Century and suppress useless bureaucracy.

Our Politicians lack basic management skills

When politicians have an idea, instead of using fundamental business startup knowledge to find out its viability, they waste millions in outdated ‘waterfall’ management techniques, leading to projects not being completed, or needing extra funding due to mismanagement. We have an $800 million/year budget, and I can tell you that your money is getting wasted! Giving away our County Management to a private party, like Cochran and Victorino are conspiring, would be the most dangerous idea for our democracy.

The Plan for Government Efficiency

Save 10% of the budget in my first year, and up to 25% in my 4th year. Reallocate this half billion of wasted taxpayer money where it is urgently needed in our Community.


Implement Agile Management to reduce waste and improve productivity. Create cross-functional teams across departments to reduce task duplication.


Implement new technologies to automate repetitive processes and create transparency.


Support Small Businesses


Our economy is isolated and unsafe

We rely only on a few industries that are in conflict; the agro-chemical and military industries are harming the land and our natural resources, putting our long-term tourism industry at risk. It is about time we work on diversifying our economy and support the creation and growth of small businesses. This will also guarantee that profits generated stay on the Island, which isn’t the case with our top 3 leading industries; sucking all the profits out of our Islands, leaving us only the pollution and the problems.

Help businesses reach product-market fit

Most small business owners don’t have a marketing or sales education and don’t know how to conduct factual market research to create a strategy before launching their product or service. We need to support small business owners in identifying precisely who are their target customers and their underserved needs. Too many business owners still rely on “hope” marketing trying to reach “everyone” with an idea of their own. This is the best way to reach no one with something we think they want, not something they really need! Product market fit happens when the value proposition meets the underserved need of target customers.

“The number one advice for entrepreneurs that are looking to grow or scale their business is to achieve product-market fit first.” 

Omar Sultan, Sultan Ventures – Hawai’i Small Business Conference

The Plan to Support Creation & Growth of Small Businesses

Utilize & promote the different co-working spaces around the Island, and create a new business incubator for Maui-made products.


Provide business owners with ongoing guidance and follow-up; with hands-on support for strategy, marketing, management, and sales tactics.


Create Global partnerships to promote our businesses on the Mainland and on select International markets.


Road Traffic


Get rental cars off the road

Building some bypass won’t solve anything in the long run, it will actually bring more traffic issues with more development. Tourists come here to visit the Island and their destinations are pretty straightforward. It will be easy to design bus routes to serve most of them efficiently, and we should be increasing the rental car taxes to finance it. But before that, we need to revamp our whole system, starting from a user experience standpoint. That will take a year to pick up, and we’ll need to work in partnership with the visitor bureau, hotels & activities to promote the new bus service to visitors as the best way to move around and experience the Island.

Create a real public transportation network

We need to optimize the system to keep fast buses on highways, with fewer stops where they dispatch on local loops. Our bus hub should be outside Kahului so commuters could go to every destination without losing time getting in-and-out of town. Routes should go directly from the airport to hotel destinations, every 30 minutes with connections on every line up to late in the evening. Bus stops have to be classy and safe, with clear & attractive marketing & information systems. Bus drivers have to deliver a welcoming customer service, and buses need design, luggage compartments, and real-time information displays to reduce the customer’s travel anxiety (also creating huge Ad revenue potential for Maui Bus!).

“Increased public transportation investment can lead to significant economic growth, as a consequence of both the short-term stimulus impact of public transportation outlays and a longer-term, cumulative impact on economic productivity” 

Economic Impact of Public Transportation Investment – American Public Transportation Association (APTA)

The Plan to Solve all our Traffic Issues

Redesign the bus network to reduce travel time, ease connections, increase frequency, and broaden reach.


Create partnerships to promote the bus to tourists as the best way to move around and experience the Islands.


Prepare future upgrade for Maui County total mobility plan; including Lana'i, Moloka'i, Hana, and Haleakala.


Together, WE CAN make it happen!


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